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Civil rights are an easy thing to take for granted. In fact, most people don't think of them, period — until they've been violated. If this is the situation you're in right now, feelings of powerlessness or anger can keep you from doing exactly what it is you need to do. Don't let them.

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At Nicoara & Steagall, we represent clients who have had their constitutional and civil rights violated by employers, the government, the police, institutions, schools and others. Our experience can be matched by few others. Civil rights attorney Richard L. Steagall has been litigating cases and appealing decisions in the state and federal courts of Illinois for 30 years. He has an especially strong background in federal cases and devotes approximately half of his practice to appeals.

Some of the specific types of claims that our firm can help you with include:

Too often, people who have had their civil rights violated will simply choose to walk away rather than fight. Do not be tempted. It is not "too much trouble." Remember, too, that it isn't just your own rights you protect in standing up and fighting; you're also protecting the rights of everyone you know. Mr. Steagall's experience in these matters will help. However, early investigation is important. Simply put: We can't help if you don't call.

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