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Medical science isn't perfect. There is still much we don't know and more that we discover every year. No one expects doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other health care providers to be perfect either. We simply expect them to do their best and to meet basic minimum standards of care.

When physicians and others don't follow standards, patients pay the price — sometimes with their lives.

Tort reformers (a.k.a. insurance company propaganda specialists) will tell you different. They say medical malpractice claims are the root of all evil and that everyone could receive excellent health care if only something could be done to put medical malpractice plaintiffs' attorneys in their place.

They continue to say this even though they have already limited access to just compensation for injuries caused by a health care provider's negligence. Medical malpractice claims have become incredibly expensive to pursue and very difficult to win.

At Nicoara & Steagall, we represent people and families throughout Central Illinois who have legitimate medical malpractice claims against negligent medical professionals.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of doctor error or another type of medical malpractice — the sooner an investigation can begin, the better our odds of success. Contact us today if you believe that you have been seriously harmed as the result of:

Attorney John P. Nicoara, a Physics major in college, is comfortable with the medical science involved in these cases. He understands it, and he can talk about it in clear, understandable terms to a jury.

Why is this important? — Because most jurors do not want to find the hospital or doctor guilty. They have either bought into the insurance company propaganda or they do not want to believe that medical mistakes happen. Mr. Nicoara's ability to counter those tendencies with compelling information and clarity is an important part of our success with medical malpractice cases.

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Medical malpractice cases are handled on a contingency basis. If we do not obtain a verdict or settlement, you pay no attorney's fees.